Client Money Handling Procedures

The CoreProp Group Limited – Client Money Handling Procedures
Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

1. Introduction

The CoreProp Group Limited (“the Company”) is committed to the highest standards of client money handling, in compliance with the RICS Rules of Conduct and Client Money Protection Scheme. This document outlines our comprehensive procedures to ensure the security, transparency, and accountability of client funds.

2. Definitions

2.1. Client Money: Money held or received by the Company for or on behalf of a client.
2.2. Designated Client Account: A bank account designated solely for holding client

3. Segregation of Client Money

3.1. Bank Accounts:
3.1.1 Client money is maintained separately from the Company’s own funds.
3.1.2 Client money is deposited into a Designated Client Account, clearly labelled as such.

3.2. Co-mingling:
3.2.1 Under no circumstances will client money be mixed with the Company’s operational funds.

4. Receipts of Client Money

4.1. Client Identification:
4.1.1 All incoming funds are accompanied by sufficient information to identify the client and the purpose of the funds.

4.2. Prompt Banking:
4.2.1 All client money received in cash, by cheque, or electronic transfer is banked within two working days of receipt.

5. Payments from Client Accounts

5.1. Authorisation:
5.1.1. Payments from client accounts are authorised by at least two senior members of staff.
5.1.2 No payments are made without explicit written instruction from the client or as per contractual obligations.

5.2. Disbursements:
5.2.1. All disbursements are documented, with supporting invoices or agreements.

6. Reconciliation

6.1. Frequency:
6.1.1. Monthly reconciliations are conducted for each client account.

6.2. Process:
6.2.1 Reconciliation is carried out by a member of staff not involved in handling daily transactions.
6.2.2 Discrepancies are investigated immediately and resolved within five working days.

7. Records and Audit

7.1. Record-Keeping:
7.1.1 Comprehensive records are maintained for all client money transactions, including receipts, payments, and reconciliations.

7.2. Auditing:
7.2.1 Annual independent audits are conducted to ensure compliance with RICS standards.
7.2.2 The Company provides full access to records for auditors and RICS inspectors.

8. Client Communication

8.1. Statements:
8.1.1 Regular statements are provided to clients detailing their account status.
8.1.2 Clients can request statements or explanations at any time.

8.2. Dispute Resolution:
8.2.1 Any disputes or discrepancies are addressed promptly through the Company’s dispute resolution process, following RICS guidelines.

9. Staff Training

9.1. Training:
9.1.1 Staff involved in handling client money receive regular training on these procedures and relevant regulations.

9.2. Review:
9.2.1These procedures are reviewed annually, and staff are updated on any changes.

10. Breach and Incident Handling

10.1. Breach Reporting:
10.1. Any breaches or suspected breaches of these procedures are reported immediately to the Compliance Officer.

10.2. Incident Management:
10.2.1 An incident management process is in place to address breaches, including communication with clients and RICS, as necessary.

11. Conclusion

The CoreProp Group Limited is dedicated to safeguarding client money and adhering to RICS standards. These procedures are designed to provide clients with confidence and ensure transparency and accountability in all financial dealings.