How CoreOps is Changing the Game in Workspace Management

CoreOps is dedicated to simplifying workspace management, offering solutions that are both straightforward and effective. Our impressive track record includes management within over 25 of London’s landmark buildings and nearly half a million square feet, highlighting our deep expertise in the bustling London market.

Bridging the Gap

The transition from co-working spaces to traditional leased offices has uncovered a critical need for a middle ground. CoreOps fills this gap, providing comprehensive services tailored to modern business needs. Our offerings include:

  • Repairs and Maintenance: Ensuring operational continuity with minimal disruptions.
  • Workplace Health and Safety: Maintaining standards to safeguard your team.
  • Connectivity and Cleanliness: Guaranteeing high-speed internet and pristine office environments.

Our Foundation

As a proud member of The CoreProp Group, we leverage unparalleled expertise and proven credentials. Our team features RICS-chartered surveyors and seasoned management professionals, making us your ultimate partner in office management.

Proven Excellence in Central London

Our services shine in central London, where we efficiently solve any challenge, big or small. Thanks to our in-house team of contractors, we respond swiftly to any issue, ensuring your business operations are seamless.

Why Choose CoreOps?

Opting for CoreOps allows you to focus on your passions while we manage the intricacies of office maintenance. We’re committed to enhancing your workplace, ensuring it functions as dynamically as your business.

Explore CoreOps

Discover the full capabilities of CoreOps and transform your workspace into a thriving hub. Let’s make your office a place where business thrives.

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