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We are an independent firm of experienced RICS property valuers

We provide probate property valuation services for
residential & commercial properties, property contents,
chattels and assets throughout London and the Home Counties.

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  • We offer a FREE initial consultation to discuss your circumstances
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    100% valuation acceptance rate to date by HM Revenue & Customs

Whether probate is required for a private estate or a portfolio
of investment properties, our team of expert property valuers
understands the complex and detailed laws surrounding the probate
process, including the complexity of the capital gains tax,
inheritance tax, and other requirements of HMRC.

We also understand that the probate process can be overwhelming
and confusing, especially during a time of grief, and we will
accurately and efficiently handle all necessary evaluations
and paperwork. That way, you can take care of more important matters.

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    What is considered property?

    The valuation of a decedent’s property involves more than just the house, farmland or commercial buildings he or she owned. London property valuation extends to everything of value that was owned by the decedent. This can include cash on hand or in the bank, investments including stocks and shares, company, personal and recreational vehicles (boats, cars, caravans etc), pensions, foreign assets, life insurance policy payouts, jewellery, art, and other personal and business belongings.

    If the decedent owned joint property, gave gifts in the preceding seven years prior to his or her death, or was party to a trust, each situation must be evaluated separately to determine what, if any, impact it will have on the final valuation figure.

    Debt also plays a role in the final figure. The list of debts to be included in the valuation can include household bills, unpaid taxes and mortgages, and bank and credit card charges, among others.

    The list of assets and debts, and how to assess them, can be overwhelming, which is why it is critical that during such a difficult time, you partner with a London-based firm that has a solid background and reputation, and the expertise to navigate the valuation process for you. We are that team.

    Accuracy is critical

    When faced with a new and intricate set of laws, such as those dealing with property valuation and probate, it is easy to make mistakes. Errors involving appraisals and taxes can be prohibitively costly. Our Valuers have years of experience working directly with HMRC on property valuation matters, and we are well-versed in the intricacies involved. So, when you entrust us to handle every step of the probate process for you, you can be assured that it will be done with the diligence, accuracy and care that the situation demands.

    When you are faced with the loss of a loved one, don’t take the chance of making costly mistakes by attempting to navigate the probate process alone. Contact our London office today, and allow our team of expert valuers to put their experience and knowledge to work for you to help relieve you of the burden and stress associated with the complex and confusing probate and property valuations process.