SalesFact - A new concept by The CoreProp Group
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SalesFact – A new concept by The CoreProp Group

A better way to value your property and maximise your sale price

Everyone wants to know what their property is worth and who the most successful Estate Agents are in their location for their style of property. SalesFact takes away the guesswork and provides data driven answers to these critical questions before you make the big decisions on pricing and which Estate Agent to instruct.

The problem – guesswork

  1. Properties are valued by using comparable data (i.e what your neighbour sold for) and market indicators (i.e supply and demand). Key variants also include size, condition, scope to develop, demand in the micro-location, transport links etc. Often when an Estate Agent gives you an estimate on your homes value they are guessing at vital pieces of information such as the exact size, precise details of all local sales or the development potential. This often leads to varying values (and marketing strategies) between Estate Agents and you are left more puzzled than before they were invited into your home.
  2. Once the Estate Agents have visited, you then have to choose a company to instruct; often based on your gut feel, the strength of their sales pitch and your confidence with their valuation and marketing proposal.

The Solution – accurate data

For a small fee, our CoreProp Surveyors will attend at your property and provide an invaluable 3 page signed report to give you a far more scientific valuation of your property along with advice on which agent to choose. The report will include:

  1. a measured floor-plan, to alleviate any guesswork on size which is a critical variable (many buyers value on a Pounds per Square Foot basis)
  2. a clear set of comparable data, i.e what has sold close-by and exactly how these sales compare to your property
  3. an indication of planning potential on the property i.e. checking approved planning applications on your road
  4. a single valuation figure, assessed and signed off by a Chartered Surveyor (who are also RICS Registered Valuers – the highest qualification in property valuation)
  5. clear data on which 3 Estate Agents have sold the highest volume of similar properties within your postcode over the past 12 months. This will help you make an informed choice on who to instruct

The Benefits

  1. You are making the one of the biggest decisions of your life with the correct, data driven information
  2. The floor plan can be used during your sale and the evidence within the report will likely be the same that a bank-mortgage-surveyor would use when assessing value (the latter being a critical part of the whole sale process)
  3. Along the way, our RICS qualified surveyors may give you other invaluable tips from their experience and expertise
  4. Our surveyors are qualified valuers who have access to specialist property databases and follow professional valuation techniques.
  5. The sale (or purchase) of your property is likely to be one of the most important processes in your life and you should have accurate information to work from.

Our prices start at £165 plus VAT (which is c.0.0008% of the average house price in the UK!)

For more information, please contact us here, email us at or call us anytime on 020 3143 0451.

For an immediate response, please WhatsApp us here, our team monitor this service 7 days a week.


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