SalesFact - A new concept by The CoreProp Group
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SalesFact – A new concept by The CoreProp Group

A better way to value your property and maximise your sale price

Everyone wants to know their property’s worth and which Estate Agents are most successful in their area. SalesFact removes the guesswork and provides data-driven answers to these crucial questions, helping you make informed decisions about pricing and which Estate Agent to instruct.

The Problem – Guesswork

Estate Agents often value properties using comparable data (e.g., what your neighbour sold for) and market indicators (e.g., supply and demand). Key factors include size, condition, development potential, demand in the micro-location, and transport links. However, when an Estate Agent estimates your home’s value, they may guess at crucial details such as exact size, local sales data, or development potential. This results in varying valuations and marketing strategies, leaving you more confused than before. Choosing an Estate Agent often relies on gut feeling, their sales pitch, and your confidence in their valuation and marketing proposal.

The Solution – Accurate Data

For a small fee, our CoreProp Surveyors will visit your property and provide a comprehensive 3-page signed report, offering a scientific valuation and advice on which agent to choose. The report includes:

  • Measured Floor Plan: Eliminates guesswork on size, a critical variable (many buyers value based on Pounds per Square Foot).
  • Comparable Data: Shows recent sales nearby and how they compare to your property.
  • Planning Potential: Indicates development possibilities by checking approved planning applications on your road.
  • Single Valuation Figure: Assessed and signed off by a Chartered Surveyor (RICS Registered Valuer – the highest qualification in property valuation).
  • Estate Agent Performance: Data on the top 3 Estate Agents who have sold the highest volume of similar properties in your postcode over the past 12 months, helping you make an informed choice on who to instruct.

The Benefits

  • Informed Decision-Making: Make one of the biggest decisions of your life with accurate, data-driven information.
  • Useful Floor Plan: Use the floor plan during your sale; the report’s evidence aligns with what a bank-mortgage-surveyor would use to assess value, a critical part of the sale process.
  • Expert Tips: Our RICS qualified surveyors may provide additional invaluable tips from their experience and expertise.
  • Professional Valuation: Our surveyors are qualified valuers with access to specialist property databases and professional valuation techniques.
  • Critical Information: Accurate information ensures you are well-prepared for the sale (or purchase) of your property.

Our prices start at £165 plus VAT (approximately 0.0008% of the average house price in the UK!).

For more information, please contact us here, email us at or call us anytime on 020 3143 0451.

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